"Putting the word 'anything' into context is a challenge, but when it comes to your everyday needs at home, we can make it possible"

Nandemo Company
Who We Are

Nandemo Japanese Store is a young and enthusiastic company that is just beginning to develop and emerge in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq. The name Nandemo is a Japanese word for ‘ANYTHING’ which is our vision at the company. At Nandemo store, you can virtually find ANYTHING for your casual and basic home needs starting from carefully designed kitchenware and easy-to-use laundry items to your bathroom where it is shiny, soothing and fun. Meeting your house needs is not only our priority, but your health and beauty also matter to us.

Nandemo Japanese Store is initially established as retail store that is a sole and an exclusive dealer in KRG for some Japanese well-known companies such as Kokubo Company with its well-known trademarks such as Ribbon House, Liclue, C.time and Dr.Mother, as well as KAI, FOREVER, SOSO & NISSIN. We aim to expand our retail stores, either through our company, Nandemo, or through our valued partners, to cover, not only the market needs in KRG but also Iraq.

What makes us unique?

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Quality and competitive prices are the two pillars of our business strategy. We invest our focus to provide original, creative, practical and unique products with reasonable prices to meet the day-to-day needs of our valued customers.

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Through our market analysis and studies, we aim to identify your home needs, provide good quality products, and offer best customer services. Nandemo Japanese Store always aim to carefully select quality Japanese trademarks and introduce it to our local market in KRG and Iraq to best serve our clients.

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We pay attention to the packaging of our fancy and multi-use products to meet the high standards of our valued clients. To ensure our commitment to the end-user is in place, we welcome the idea of wholesales to other homeware retailers as long as Nandemo trademark and retail prices are maintained.

What are our products?

It is our intention to reach every corner of your house. The wide range of products available in Nandemo store will make your life easier and will draw a smile on your face. Please click on the products below for more information.

Our Partners

Message from CEO

It is our pleasure to introduce Nandemo trademark to the local market in KRG. Nandemo, means anything in Japanese language, and it is our intention to provide anything you need at your home to make your casual everyday life easier and healthier.

Our multi-colored Nandemo logo represents the wide range of the products that we have for you at the store. Our products include: kitchenware, bathroom and laundry items as well as health and beauty products. It is our commitment to introduce creative, quality, and practical products to your daily uses and convenience at home. We firmly believe that the uniqueness and quality of products we offer at Nandemo store will be the fundamental elements of our success in Iraq.

Nashwan F. Safar

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Your feedback makes a difference. For any feedback or inquiry, please contact us or visit our store and explore great variety of products.